Important Phone Numbers

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See below for a list of numbers that may be helpful to you. UMMC extensions are 410-328-####. Click here for a list of important hospital sites you can access from home.

Name Description Number
Clinical Practice & Professional Development (CPPD) For ongoing educational opportunities 8-6257
Emergency For fire or cardiac/respiratory arrest 8-2911
Exposure Hotline For blood exposure and needle sticks 8-BEEP STIK (7845)
Helpdesk IT assistance 8-HELP (4357)
Human Resources Resources for UMMC employees 8-2757
Immediate Care Easy access to non-emergency care for UMB students and UMMC employees 8-1DOC (1362)
Infection Control For consultations regarding patient's precaution status 8-BEEP (5757)
Employee Health For health related questions and concerns 8-0958
Lawson Payroll Only accessible for UMMC employees. Payroll inquiries*
Maryland Express Care Inter-hospital transports 8-1234
Onecall - SOSC A one-stop shop for needs on the unit 8-5174
Outpatient Pharmacy Weinberg Atrium Pharmacy 8-5233
Outpatient Pharmacy Redwood Street Pharmacy 8-5243
Parking Inquiries about parking and transportation needs 8-0055
Patient Safety Hotline For patients, visitors, or staff to call or email with concerns about patient safety 8-SAFE (7233)
Rapid Response For patients with deteriorating conditions 8-STAT (7828)
Report It Report any activity to be in violation of the law, ethical standards, the Code of Conduct, and UMMC policies. All reports are confidential. Username and password: UMMC 1-877-300-DUTY (3990)
Security For any security concerns or questions at the Medical Center. If you see something, say something. 8-8711
Security For any security concerns or questions at the Paca/Pratt building. If you see something, say something. 8-2200

At Home Access to Important Hospital Sites

GroupWise Email
Web-based email client

Remain up to date with education through this online portal.

*Lawson Payroll
Only accessible for UMMC employees.

HR Connections
One-stop shop for all Human Resources-related activities for employees and new hires.