Carpool Matching Program

Carpool Matching Program
  1. E-mail request to sign up for the Carpool Matching Program to the Parking and Transportation Office at Please provide the following information in the e-mail:
    • Name
    • Cross Streets and Zip Code (i.e. Barney and Clarkson Street, 21230)
    • Contact Information (e-mail and/or phone number)
    • Picture saved to dropbox as "Car pool pic"
    • Schedule (Day, Evening, etc.)
  2. You will receive a confirmation email and be added to the program list.
  3. If the Parking and Transportation Office identifies a match, an email from will be sent out to each employee. Only location and scheduling information will be provided in this email. Name and contact information will not be provided to other program participants until both employees give authorization.
  4. Once both employees confirm they are interested, will email each participant with the name and contact information for the other carpooler.
  5. Carpooler can remain in the program or take their name off the list for future matchings.
  6. The Parking Office will have no further exchange with the employees unless they want to stay in the program to continue finding other potential carpoolers or they want to enroll/terminate their parking assignment.


OdometerThe University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) provides this Carpool Matching Program for the voluntary participation of its employees. No screening of participants has occurred. Employees who participate in the voluntary program do so at their own risk, and are encouraged to verify driving credentials (including drivers' license and motor vehicle records) and automobile insurance coverage with their "matched" participants. Participation in the program is not to be construed as arising out of, or in the course of, employment with the Medical Center.

Note: UMMC does not arrange carpools. You alone determine whether and when it is appropriate to meet with or share personal information with a potential carpool partner. You are responsible for informing your insurance company that you will carry passengers, and making sure your car insurance adequately covers and protects you and your passengers. UMMC shall not be held responsible for any accidents or injuries, including but not limited to automobile accidents, arising from the use of this website.