Baltimore Small Talk

Older woman with glassesHey hon. See some hints below for engaging in Baltimore Small Talk and fitting into "Smalltimore." You'll need them! For more Baltimore slang, visit

Where did you go to school?

When someone asks you, "Where did you go to school?" they are referring to your high school. It's no wonder people call the city "Smalltimore"!

Old Bay seasoning

Old Bay

Start using Old Bay, and be prepared to see the Old Bay spice offered at movie theaters to shower on your popcorn. Baltimorians consider this behavior completely normal.

Berger cookies

Berger Cookies

Eat Berger cookies. Everyone in Baltimore raves about them.

Hey, hon!

The word "hon" is often used interchangeably with "Ma'am" or "Sir." It is a term of endearment, but don't worry, no one is hitting on you! We don't recommend calling your patients, "hon," but be prepared to hear it around town!

Oh . . . Get used to the accent

T's and L's aren't always pronounced, and O's are elongated. Poo = pool, Bawlmer = Baltimore, Pheone = Phone, Wudar = Water

The Star Spangled Banner

Everyone in Baltimore yells the "Ohhh" during any rendition of The Star Spangled Banner, "OHHH say does that star-spangled banner yet wave," without exception! Baltimorians do this in honor of our beloved baseball team, the Orioles, that are commonly called, "the O's."

Purple Fever

Baltimorians are very loyal Ravens fans. We recommend wearing purple on Purple Fridays during Ravens season. UMMC lights up in purple too!

"Goh Ravens!"       "Let's Goh O's!"